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Corporate Sports Network: Volleyball starts as third outing shifts to MUBS Arena

The game of volleyball official served off at the third outing of the Corporate Sports Network games held at MUBS Arena in Nakawa.

The third outing was successfully held in Nakawa shifting from Luzira grounds where the first two outings were held, this created room and space for the volleyball game to start as several companies enjoyed the outing.

Tropical Financial institution gamers celebrating after scoring in opposition to Centenary Financial institution

Tropical bank dominated the day both on and off the pitch with results coming their way and the amazing fan base they had which scared off their opponents as they defeated Centenary bank and KCB.

Vision Group managed to maintain their perfect start to continue sitting at the top of the log despite Tropical bank dominating the day.

For I&M bank as they celebrated 50 years, they managed to secure two victories defeating  SGA security by a 1-0 score and a 2-0 win against DTB bank to raise their points tally to 28 points.

Both Swimming and Pool table will be added to the menu on the next outing to be held on the 8th May at hotel Africana.

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