Skateboard: All is set for the Uganda Skateboard Championships

The Uganda Skateboard Federation (USF) in conjuction with Dope games have organised their.first activity in 2024 the Uganda Skateboard Championship.

The event which has attracted more than 1000 skaters is set to.take place on Saturday 13th January at Mukono Xtreme Park (MXP skate park).

Lots of cash prizes are to be won with the winner walking home with a token of 1M UGX alongside a medal, the second place finish will cash in 500,000  UGX whereas a third place will go home with 250,000 UGX.

This is the first event in 2024 after the Uganda Skateboard Society crowned Calvin as the skater of the year 2023 as is tipped to be one of the top contenders.

A one Elijah Kitaka will come in as a guest performer with various skill acquired in his tours across Africa.

According to the Uganda Skating Federation President Moses Ddungu, the facilities have been well maintained and are in good shape to host the event with the safety of skaters considered first.

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