Lacrosse: Liberty Twesiime elected ULA President

Liberty Tusiime was elected the interim president of Uganda Lacrosse Association at the AGM held at Kyadondo Rugby grounds on Saturday 16th December.

Liberty will head the Association for the next six month after replacing Leonard Lubambula who has been an acting president of the association since 6th August 2023. 

On Saturday, the association held an elective assembly to elect their leaders for the next four years as their current constitution but the assembly got another twist and ended up electing interim committee to first put the house in order in six months before holding fresh elections. 

For starters, World Lacrosse outwrite Uganda Lacrosse Association from their books due to mismanagement.

Beatrice Ayikoru, General Secretary of Uganda Olympic Committee| photo credit Kayiira Jackson

“I came here mainly to supervise the election of Uganda Lacrosse Association, as per their current constitution they are supposed to elect their new leadership by 18th of December of every after four years.” Says Beatrice Ayikoru, General Secretary Uganda Olympic Committee.

“So we came here to elect the new membership, however in the process we realized that we have a new Sports law that requires all federations and associations to register and underline the new constitution so in the process we decided to have a Committee that will be in place for six months and that committee has three things; to review the current constitution, to make sure they handle the registration of the association according to the national law, it’s also a mandate of this team to ensure that they stabilize the relationship between ULA and World Lacrosse.” She added.

In the assembly, there was the president of Africa Lacrosse,Rufus Ntiampoah who asserted that now Uganda Lacrosse is taking a right direction.

“I believe the process has been very good, they were very open, we appreciate the views that came from participants, I believe Uganda Lacrosse is in very clear path because it’s finding it’s feet in terms of governance.
As the president of Africa Lacrosse I am ready to support the ongoing process of Uganda Lacrosse.” Rufus Ntiampoah
President of Africa association of lacrosse/sport manager Africa with world lacrosse.

The interim president Twesiime Liberty asserted that he is going to put right what’s wrong in the association.

Twesiime Liberty, new interim president of Uganda Lacrosse Association| photo credit Kayiira Jackson

“I have been involved in Lacrosse in Uganda, serving as a coach and a player with the national team and today on the 16th of December 2023, have been elected as the president of Uganda Lacrosse Association.”

“We have been given a target by some of the supervisors and observers of this general meeting, in particular, UOC, they have given us a few targets; to review our constitution, ULA currently has some loopholes that need to be amended and put in line with the new Sports law and that of the World Lacrosse, second target is to restore our relationship with World Lacrosse and also to work on the unity and harmony of the ULA stakeholders.” Says new elected Interim committee president Twesiime Liberty. 

New interim committee

 The new interim president: 

President: Twesiime Liberty

General Secretary: Otoa Sam 

Assistant Secretary: Mugaga Albert 

Advisor: Dr. Johnson Sekakubo

Public Relations: Alkubua Milton 

Development: Ruth Atim 

Treasurer: Ayiko Joel 

Marketing: Odiira Collins Bright 

Legal: Sarah Nakate 

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