Boxing Champions League: Ukasha Lee downs Kawooya Malala in round 4

Matovu Ukasha returned to the rings with a victory against Kawooya Muhammad in the Elite Welterweight (67kgs) after the Referee Stopped Contest (RSC) decision in round 4.

Ukasha proved to be too powerful for Kawooya to handle as early as the first round putting him to the grounds on two different occasions for a count on each of them.

Kawooya came back stronger the second round but he suffered a right hand powerful punch from Ukasha which sent him bleeding from the nose. 

Fighting behind a mammoth crowd, Ukasha gained momentum and proved to be a beast in the ring with powerful punches directed to Kawooya who lost stamina and at every punch he was kissing the grounds.

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In the fourth round, Ukasha calculated his punches better which sent Kawooya to the ground after a straight punch and his life was saved by the referee who stopped contest as he suffered a dislocated shoulder.

Ukasha expressed his gratitude towards the unwavering support from the full capacity crowd at the Lugogo indoor arena.

“I want to express my gratitude to my fans for their unwavering support tonight. While winning this fight was anticipated, everything unfolded according to plan,” said Matovu Ukasha.

“I also acknowledge my opponent’s growth. This victory is dedicated to my wife and mother, both of whom hold a special place in my heart. I stand here today feeling like the Iron Man.” he added.

Another entertaining fight of the day saw Kilwana Sadat Knock out his opponent Okenyi Moses in the Elite heavyweight.

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