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University Football League: Hudson Mbalire scores late to guide Kyambogo past Muni

Thursday results

Kyambogo University 1-0 Muni – ITEK Arena.

Kyambogo University picked up their first points in the ongoing University League when they overcame Muni on a 1-0 score courtesy of a late goal by Hudson Mbalire.

Both teams started on a low momentum and none deserved to take on the lead in the opening minites.

Later on Muni decided to settle for counter attacks and this almost paid off in the 25th minute when Mandela Juma crossed in but thanks to a clearance from Kyambogo’s Obote Daniel.

In the 42nd minute, Kyambogo University had a chance from Mbaliire who shoot wide from close range but Muni’s goalkeeper Julian stretched in for a save.

Kyambogo continued to pile pressure and this almost paid off in the 70th minute when Opio shoot in but Julian instead punched it on landing on Mbaliire who later hit a cross bar.

In the 82th minute, Mbaliire Hudson scored for Kyambogo University, a goal that maximized points for them at home.

Kyambogo was registering their first points after losing out to Makerere University in their opening game.

Meanwhile Muni remained with one point that they snatched from Ndejje University in opener.

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