TUG of WAR entertains the Corporates at the sixth outing as Basketball and Volleyball reach Finals

The sixth outing of the Uganda Corporate League saw then introduction of tug of war which entertained the corporates at the event.

This was the fourth sport to be introduced on menu as both Corporate companies reached into the final stages of the Basketball and Volleyball competitions.

Uganda Revenue Authority was the first side to reach the finals of the Volleyball game as they defeated Harris International in a 2-0 set score.

Volleyball Action between URA and Harris International

The chairman of the Uganda Coperate League, Dennis Mbidde Ssebugwawo, was happy with turn up shared his gratitude;

“I would like to thank all the companies we work with to make this happen every last Sunday of the month”

“All the companies like Nile breweries, Pepsi who have supported us. Our aim here is to keep fit and healthy and we have tried to deliver to these companies”he said.

He went further and complimented on the different teams that come out and complain about some companies using ineligible people saying;

“We found a solution for this, we told the company that comes out with such a complait to go bring that athletes and shall get to know this person and punish the team”

“But since it the teams that bring these athletes it’s hard for them to come out and say a word”

In every outing there is assurance of having a new sporting experiences something that gives variety to the corporates.

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