Batball X: Rwanda Emerging send Western Bulls to third straight loss


Western Bull – 49/6

Rwanda Emerging – 50/3

Rwanda Emerging won by 7wickets

Rwanda Emerging opened up the Batball X tournament on day two at Lugogo Cricket Oval with a win against Western Bulls in the first game of the day.

Rwanda Emerging won the match sparing 7 wickets after a brilliant chase on the 49runs by Western Bulls with the fall of 6 wickets in the 10 overs played as they registered 50 runs after the 6th over to take it all.

Yves Chusa was so vital in the batting as he managed 21 runs in just 15 balls faced to be crowned the man of the match.

Action between Rwanda Emerging and Western Bulls

Rwanda Emerging have now set up a group battle against Central Rhinos on who will top the group as both sides are now on two wins after qualifying to the last four.

Western Bulls after suffering a third successive loss remain at the bottom of the group and they will only play to Finnish their game as they await to pack their bags.

At the Lugogo Cricket Oval action will resume as Rwanda Emerging face Central Rhinos before Western Bulls take on Central Rhinos later on the day.

At the Jinja Oval, Eastern Buffaloes managed a 22 runs win against the Northern Elephants who failed to beat the score of 88/6 in the 10 overs and only managed 66/4 in 10 overs.

Action between Eastern Buffaloes and Northern Elephants

Action at the Jinja Oval will resume as Eastern Buffaloes take on Nile Leopards in the lunch time battle before a days climax against Nile Leopards as they take on Northern Elephants 

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