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NBL Mid-Season Transfer Window Open

National Basketball League clubs have a chance to bolster their rosters before the start of the Second Round of the ongoing season.

FUBA notified teams that the mid-season transfer window opened effective June 1 to 20th.

The Second round will tip off on June 16.

FUBA revealed the guidelines to the teams for the transfer period that cuts across all divisions including the Lower Leagues.

Teams have been allowed to add not more than three players to the Team roster in this window.

However, this is only applicable to only those teams that still have spaces on their rosters.

“For a team that has already filled its roster with 18 Players at the start of the season, it will be required to reduce its roster by three spots in order to accommodate the new additional three (3) players being registered,” reads one of the guidelines.

A player will only be eligible to move to another team after consent of all parties involved.

All foreign and National Players based outside the country shall only be eligible to
register in this window after grant of the international Player Transfer (LOC) from FIBA.

FUBA also confirmed that NO Player shall be approved if he/she is added to the system beyond deadline date (midnight of June 20).

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