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Muhangi Continues Call For Fair Funds Distribution Criteria

New NCS Funds Distribution

Category I
•Football – Sh17bn
•Athletics – Sh3bn
•Motorsport – Sh3bn
•Rugby – Sh3bn
•Basketball – Sh1.2bn
•Cricket – Sh1.2bn
•Paralympics – Sh1.2bn

Category II
•Netball, Boxing, Badminton, Chess, Cycling, Golf, Handball, Hockey, Kickboxing, Pool, Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Woodball – Sh6bn

Category III
•Rest of Federations – Sh300m

Uganda Boxing Federation President Moses Muhangi has once again expressed his discontent with the formulae National Council of Sports is using to allocate funds to respective Federations.

This, comes a day after Muhangi was released from Luzira prisons after successful bail application.

Muhangi who os accused of forgery and uttering false document, said that it’s the unequal funding distribution that has caused all the ongoing havoc.

“I am innocent here, and there is no way I can be involved in forging documents with a motive of embezzling or stealing 850 dollars (Sh3m), its not an amount of money that can be an issues to me,” Muhangi said.

“Those who have known me for a long period of time, these are the moneys we go to the bar and drink beer with, we just give to people who are in need.

“You can’t suppress people’s voices just because you think they are saying things you don’t want to hear and are against you.”

Muhangi said that his main issue has been the absence of a funds distribution criteria at the NCS, adding that whatever they are using “doesn’t make any sense.”

“Last Financial year, they said Boxing will get Sh3bn, until today we have received only Sh133m and the financial year has only one month to be done.”

Per the new findings seen by this website, Boxing will share Sh6bn with 15 other Federations!

Football still takes the Lion’s share with Sh17bn while Athletics, MotorSports and Rugby will bank Sh3bn each this coming Financial Year.

Muhangi added that there is “no justification and non one knows why.”

He added that he has been witch-hunted, just like Sarah Babirye (Netball) and Robert Jjagwe (Table Tennis), because of their recent statements about the same issues.

“We have made many efforts and statements that in a way have angered many people (read NCS). And now they have decided to do a witch-hunt.

“Me, Babirye and Jjagwe, none of us is looking for money to buy food in the house or a shirt of a dress, at least we are not at that level. Whatever we are fighting for is to benefit the Ugandans who are in the Sports Sector who need a fair distribution of resources so that they can be able to practice their craft in an environment that is enabling for them to succeed.

Micho who said that there must be equal opportunities given to all Ugandans, decried of how much the Uganda Cranes Serbian coach Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredojovich earns.

“The National Football team coach earns around Sh92m a month which is Sh1.1bn a year. But no one earns a salary among the other coaches of the other federations.

“What equal opportunities are you giving to a coach in Football and the one of Boxing. They are all coaches at the National level training athletes so that they can be able to compete.

“The coach who is earning Sh92m, trains a team which hasn’t qualified for a World Cup unlike say She Cranes who are vying to becoming the Number five in the World. Boxing was number three in the World, Athletics is also doing wonders.”

Muhangi said that he interacted with over 500 prisoners who were former Boxers during his stay at Luzira, but their stories are that they got frustrated by lack of support and turned to commiting petty crimes.

He added: “Someone convinced Government to invest Sh97bn in renovating Namboole, which is a good thing. But Boxing doesn’t have a single National training facility, even rings owned by Government. And for us to have those we need around Sh1bn. They said it’s not available, but the 97bn for Namboole is available.

“Netball, Basketball, Rugby all have no facilities. It’s time for NCS to use Performance and comparative advantage based systems when distributing funds to Federations.”

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