Corporate League: Basketball Introduced on Fifth Outing

Basketball is the latest game that was introduced at fifth outing of the Uganda Corporate League that was held on Sunday.

The 5th outing shifted base from Old Kampala to MUBS Arena in Nakawa, with various games held on Sunday.

Among the new games introduced was Basketball and a number of companies were involved in the game, given that fact the facility was available to accommodate the game.

While addressing the press , Dennis Mbidde, the chairman Uganda Corporate League said that these games are aimed at improving health of workers from different companies.

“This is the 5th outing of the year and we introduced another game that is basketball. In Corporate League we play Various games like football, basketball, athletics, woodball, volleyball, swimming, Mbidde told the press.

He added “And on December 10th we are going to do a marathon in Busoga. What we are trying to do is for us to keep healthy and fit”

Mbidde also added that they will be introducing a kids League this year.

“Another thing that we do is we have a kids League coming up, as the parents are playing, the kids between 3 -6 years will be playing, we shall launch the kids League on October 14th where we will see kids under 8,10 of Nile, MTN and the League will be running every third Saturday of the month.

The Corporate League, for over the years brings together a couple of companies and they involve in a number of games.

And on Sunday, a number of companies including MTN, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Buganda Land board, Mk Army took part in a number of games on the day.

The games are held on every last sunday of the month at different venues.

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