USSSA Rugby: Pools for Schools Nationals Confirmed

The pools have been drawn, and the stage is set for the schools taking part in the National Secondary School Games 2023 under the rugby category in Mbarara.

In Pool A, defending champions Namilyango College will be looking to retain their title against competition from Sir Samuel Baker, who finished sixth in 2022, Mbarara High School who finished eighth and St. Jude SS.

Pool B is perhaps the most evenly matched pool with no clear favourites. The powerhouse teams of Kings’ College Budo and St Mary’s College Kisubi will be going head-to-head, alongside the up-and-coming Kijjabwemi SS and a somewhat established Kiira College Butiki.

This pool is sure to provide some explosive rugby action.

Finally, in Pool C, the hosts-Katatumba Academy were matched with Ntare School, Masaba Secondary School, and 2022 second runners-up, Makerere College School.

The games are being played at the Katatumba Academy pitch in Mbarara from 8th to 15th May, 2023.

The Pools

Pool A: Namilyango College, Sir Samuel Baker, Mbarara High School, St Jude SS

Pool B: Kings College Budo, St Mary’s College Kisubi, Kijjabwemi SS, Kiira College Butiki.

Pool C: Makerere College School, Ntare School, Masaba SS, Katatumba Academy.

Pool A: Entebbe Airforce SS, St Jude SS, Nkoma SS
Pool B: St Catherine SS, Kijjabwemi SS, Kitala SS

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