Uganda Rugby Union Suspends Timothy Mudoola

KOBs’ Director of Rugby and the Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Coach Timothy Mudoola has been suspended from rugby action for four rugby weekends.

In a recent disciplinary hearing held by the Uganda Rugby Union (URU) on May 11 2023, Mudoola was summoned to address allegations of misconduct during the Nile Special Rugby Premiership League clash between Heathens and Kobs on April 1, 2023 which saw the former claim a contentious 19-12 victory at Kyadondo.

The charges brought against him involved a contravention of the World Rugby Code of Conduct and were discussed under Regulation 18, “MISCONDUCT AND CODE OF CONDUCT” specifically under section 18.3 which states;

“For the purposes of these Regulations Relating to the Game, “Misconduct” shall mean any conduct, behaviour, statements and/or practices on or off the playing enclosure during or in connection with a Match or otherwise, that is unsporting and/or cheating and/or insulting and/or unruly and/or ill-disciplined and/or that brings or has the potential to bring the game and/or any of its constituent bodies, World Rugby and/or its appointed personnel or commercial partners and/or Match Officials and/or judicial personnel into disrepute.”

During the proceedings, Mr. Mudoola pleaded guilty to the charges presented against him by the URU disciplinary committee and as a result, the committee handed a series of disciplinary measures impacting his involvement in rugby games as both a player and coach.

Mudoola was banned from rugby games. The scheduled games affected by the ban include those on May 13, May 27, July 1, and July 8, 2023.

While the details of Mr. Mudoola’s specific misconduct during the match between Heathens and Kobs have not been disclosed, the URU’s decision to impose a ban suggests that his actions were deemed to have violated the principles and standards expected of all participants.

Mudoola walked onto the field of play to remove Michael Wokorach of Heathens, who was then acting as the Water boy, during an altercation after players had disagreed with the referees call during the clash at Kyadondo.

In his defence then, Mudoola tweeted:

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