I Fell Sick During Egypt Tournament – Chess Star Ampaire

Woman Candidate Master Shakira Ampaire’s participation at the Africa Individual Chess Championship in Egypt didn’t pan out as she had hoped after finishing 21st with four points, but she insists she is happy she got to learn from the experience.

Despite missing the opening round due to travel delays, Ampaire was adamant of finishing in top positions. She started the tournament with a draw against Paulo Jemima in the second round, and while she lost the third round to Mohammed Azzab, the WCM was able to earn her first victory at the competition in the round that followed by beating Jolly Nepando from Namibia.

Ampaire however, missed the sixth round, and that was after losing to Egypt’s Woman International Master Anzel Laubscher in the fifth round.

She recovered in the last three rounds, first benefitting from a bye in the seventh round, then beating and drawing against Brhane Gebratsadik and Hassan Hala in the penultimate and final rounds respectively.

In the end, she was able to secure two victories and as many draws.

“I fell sick during the tournament. I didn’t manage to play as I wanted which was very sad for me, but there will be other opportunities,” Ampaire said.

“I’m happy I got to have this experience. I wish I could’ve been able to play, and wish I had been in good health. But I think four points out of the six games I played is okay.”

This tournament was a qualifier for the 2024 FIDE World Cup. After emerging as the champion in the Women’s section, African will be represented by Lina Nassr from Algeria.

Her success also came along with a new title as the other reward for her triumph was a Woman Grand Master title.

In the Open section, GM Adham Fawzy from Egypt won the competition. Him alongside Algerian, GM Bilel Bellahcene will represent Africa.

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