Cranes Kabbo Yields Sh450m

The Cranes Kabbo campaign has produced Sh450m, Nile Special and FUFA have officially announced.

The initiative that was launched on November 18, a day before the 2022 FIFA World Cup, aimed at raising funds that will facilitate the Uganda Cranes in achieving the dream of playing at the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

The campaign ran until December 20, and for every Nile Special beer consumed during the period, Sh50 went towards the Kabbo.

“We are thrilled with the level of participation, it was amazing to see the numbers during this very short period of time,” said Nile Special brand manager, Joel Galla.

The proceeds from this Cranes Kabbo campaign will be channeled towards one of three proposed areas, each of which holds immense importance for the development of Ugandan football:

  • Improvement of the FUFA Technical Centre in Njeru
  • Development of a new Nile Special
  • Training Centre
    High-level coaches’ development training abroad

To ensure transparency and participation in the decision-making process, Nile Special has opened a poll on its Twitter page encouraging Ugandans to vote for their preferred project that will receive the Kabbo fund.

Galla added: “We are here for the long term. We have actually tested and can say that it’s working because Ugandans have responded.

“Up until Friday, the poll is open, we encourage Ugandans to go and participate and later we shall reveal results of the poll.

“Thank you very much to all Ugandans for really showing pride and passion.”

“We still have three years to the world cup, this is the start of the chapter.”

FUFA CEO Edgar Watson said that reaching the World Cup is within Uganda Cranes reach.

He added: “The kabbo, which is in my own interpretation, something that is still small has generated quite a sum of Sh450m, then I think Nile Special is indeed special and has rightly engaged football lovers in the Country.”

“And the special around this is that people are directly engaged. I only see this relationship and this kind of campaign and many more coming in to solve the issue of how football is developed in this Country.”

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