Goalkeeper Crispus Kusiima departs Gaddafi set to join Big league side


Goalkeeper Chrispus kusiima has parted ways with the Gaddafi FC and is eager to join his former side Kitara FC in the FUFA Big league.

Kitara FC have only conceded 9 goals in 14 games but hopes strengthening Goalkeeping department could be a reason for them to Win the trophy

Chrispus kusiima is now taken as an experienced one by kitara FC having featured for them in his Youthful years and other teams like Express fc, Tooro United, Nyamityobora FC , and Gadaffi FC.

At Kitara FC, Chrispus kusiima comes to meet other goalkeepers whose is going to compete with including Farouk Yawe, Micheal Kagiri, Jamil Kiyimba

Chrispus kusiima will now be the Second signing of the club having got the signature of Geofrey Lwesibawa from Gadaffi FC

Kitara FC are behaving in a mature way in this January transfer market as they look to get a straight qualification in the Uganda premier league

Currently they lead the table with 30 points from 14 games just 1 point above Mbarara city

Their last game in the first round is against kaaro karungi on 19th Thursday January

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