Shafiq kagimu refuses to take a pay cut, silenced at URA FC


Shafiq kagimu who is in his 7th season with the tax collectors alongside Derrick Nsibambi, George Senkaaba and winger Joachim Ojera all rejected the club’s appeal to take a wage cut

It was November 4th,2022 when Shafiq kagimu and other team mates at URA FC had a normal training , immediately after the training the team Manager Mr Okabo Sam along with the CEO Allan Munaba informed the team about about a performance contract every one had to sign

” They showed up after training and said We all must sign for a performance contract which stated that we must all receive half pay of of our November salaries due to the team’s poor performance something l disagreed with” Kagimu stated

The tax collectors at that time had managed only one win in five league games a situation they wanted to overcome by pressuring the players

Kagimu says he was then suspended to a further notice by the club” Following your poor performance and the bad attitude towards the club and the team ,you are hereby informed not to appear in the training sessions and match participation till further notice” part of kagimu’s suspension letter

However kagimu was egar to know the way forward either his contract to be terminated or” When l got Suspended ,l gave it a few days and wrote back asking for a way forward”, he stated” you can’t deduct my salary basing on my performance midway through the season because there several factors involved also we didn’t agree on that on my contact at the start, that’s not right

The former club captain also talks about Football administrators who takes advantage of the players ” l stepped down as a captain in good faith ,it was my decision that l must say but l dislike football administrators who take us ( players) for granted, am willing to stand up for it”he concluded

The club CEO Allan Munaba was reached and he commented that the club has rights to make their players sign Performance contracts ” The performance contract was given to all players at the club,either injured young or experienced”

” For Shafiq , is still suspended as investigations continue regarding his improper conduct.players are supposed to be held accountable for their actions and that is what we have done to Joaquin Ojera “he explained

As the tax collectors wrap up the first round ,it remains to be seen if the two outstanding players Shafiq kagimu and Joaquin Ojera will return in time for the second round to boost the four time league champions despite of Nsibambi and Senkaaba signing the document.

Credit to Football 256 for part of the quotes in the story.

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