Boxing Bonanza: Gombya vows to revive the faded glory of Kickboxing

As we are coming close to the end of the year, the Boxing Bonanza is also nearing as it is set to happen on the 31st December with fights set to cross into the eve of the new year at Aponye Mall rooftop organised by set by step promotions.

The CEO step by step Eddie Gombya has vowed to step in and revive the faded glory of Kickboxing putting aside the differences and miss understandings which had put him aside for a big period, he is eager to support the younger talent as he has organised the Boxing Bonanza which will have both fights from boxing and also Kickboxing.

“We have to unite and bring back the game of kickboxing to where it has always been, I call upon all kick boxers and promoters to take upon the game of kickboxing. I decided to add the game of kickboxing on the Boxing Bonanza set to happen on the 31st December at Aponye Mall rooftop because I feel it has been left behind for a long period of time.” Said Eddie Gombya while addressing the media.

“From today we are going to put our differences behind as we are to push the game of kickboxing to the next level” he added.

The renowned kick boxing referee Chance Lubega also called upon all the kick boxers and coaches to put aside their differences if they are to help the game of kickboxing grow into a huge sports discipline.

“Players I want to urge you that the discipline of a sports man is to make friend and not enemy’s, If we divide ourselves then the game won’t get any better. We need to unite and grow the sport of Kickboxing so that we can assemble a strong national team which will represent the country in various tournaments.” Said Chance Lubega.

Abbey Kigozi a Kickboxing coach also added a voice as he thanked Eddie Gombya for coming back to the sport which he first promoted and it grew bigger producing the likes of Mugula and Umar Ssebata 

“I take this opportunity to thank Eddie Gombya for coming back to develop the game of kickboxing, he has been lost for a while due to some differences but I thank the lord that he is now back to support the young talent.” Said Abbey Kigozi.

The Boxing Bonanza will have more than 15 fights as we usher in the new with fire works at Aponye Mall rooftop on the 31st of December.

Here is All the fights to happen on the Boxing Bonanza.

Charles Mulindwa (Uganda) VS Hussein Mbonde (Tanzania)

Abdul Ssebute VS Muhammad Nsubuga

Kenneth Lukyamuzi VS Samali Ntambi

Hamza Wandera VS Bududa Khalifan

Nasser Bukenya VS Ayub Wakisadha

Musisi VS Joshon Tunsingirwe

Lubega VS Alex Batwawula

Hudson Muhumuza VS Musa Kazungu

Mercy Acayo VS Med Sekimpi

Musa Mugisha Vs Muhammad Sekimpi

Yasin Sajabi VS Sowali Ssentongo

Moses Mukiibe vs Joseph Nteza

Moses Mutaka VS Sudais Ssentale

Kayemba VS Fredrick Okou

Jowali Kalenzi VS Bheffe Tishebo

Ahamed Kasozi VS Sahrif Olumu

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